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A Brief History Of Easter

You may be surprised by the real history of Easter and you may discover what you thought you knew about the holiday is not necessarily correct. While Easter is primarily a holiday celebrated by Christians for its important religious connotations, the holiday is actually rooted in long revered pagan practices.  Full Story »

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    History Of The Easter Bunny

    Everyone tends to associate various things with Easter and the Easter Bunny is one of them. The Easter Bunny is a character who hides eggs on Easter morning for children to find. The bunny is friendly and is always shown as happy and smiling on images around Easter time. Full Story »

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    History Of The Easter Egg

    At Easter time it is traditional for people to give each other chocolate eggs. These come in various shapes and sizes and can be incredibly elaborate. However few people actually know the history of the Easter egg and why this is given at Easter time. In order to fully understand where the Easter comes from you need to go back to pagan times. Full Story »

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    History Of The Easter Basket

    At Easter time people will celebrate by giving each other gifts which include chocolate eggs, candies and other traditional items. Easter is a time that was traditionally celebrated by pagans and Christians. It was the time of year that celebrated the rebirth of Christ by the Christians and the beginning of Spring by the pagans. Full Story »